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Technology Trends in 2018

Posted by Red Tree on 27/11/18 in In The News

With 2018 drawing to a close, Ireland’s technology sector has gone from strength to strength and 2019 is set to be no different. With Brexit on the horizon, Ireland...

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Financial Services Interviews: How to ACE them!

Posted by Red Tree on 23/11/18 in Advice & Tips

You are an experienced finance professional who has qualified, and progressed in your career, in your current company. The time has come to move on – career progression has...

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HR Graduates – Getting on the first step of your Career Ladder

Posted by Red Tree on 21/11/18 in Advice & Tips

HR Graduates Getting on the first step of your Career Ladder Recently, my colleagues and I have had the pleasure of assisting some HR graduates / almost graduates with...

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Irish Legal Recruitment Market Review & Salary Guide – 2018

Posted by Red Tree on 20/11/18 in In The News

Market Review & Salary Guide  In 2018, the legal recruitment market for solicitors and company secretaries was very strong and all the indicators show that this will continue into 2019. ...

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Why we offer Placement Guarantee of 6 months

Posted by Red Tree on 02/11/18 in Company News, In The News

Sometimes, for a multitude of reasons, a hire doesn’t work out. The scenarios that lead to this are too plentiful to go into here, but it happens. Traditionally in...

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Top CV Tips from our MD, Eamonn O’ Reilly

Posted by Red Tree on 04/10/18 in Advice & Tips

Top CV Tips from our MD, Eamonn O’ Reilly Your CV is the way to make a good first impression with a hiring manager and could potentially result in...

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Confused Candidate

Asking Questions in an Interview – Top Tips

Posted by Red Tree on 02/09/18 in Advice & Tips

ASKING QUESTIONS IN AN INTERVIEW – TOP TIPS So your interview is progressing well, you like the sound of the company and the role and you think you are...

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Graduates & Post-Grads: Why you need to register with a recruitment agency!

Posted by Red Tree on 01/08/18 in Advice & Tips

Firstly- congratulations! You’ve survived your college years and made it out alive. The next big question- what are you going to do now? Allow us take care of the...

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Pre-Interview Preparation

Pre-Interview Preparation- What you need to know!

Posted by Red Tree on 27/06/18 in Advice & Tips

PRE-INTERVIEW PREPARATION Firstly, Congratulations on securing your Interview! A job interview is similar in many ways to a social conversation, but it requires more than just conversational skills. How...

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Top Tips- The Job Interview

Posted by Red Tree on 21/06/18 in Advice & Tips

THE JOB INTERVIEW Interviews vary in style and length. Some can be formal and structured while others can seem random and more like a general conversation. Let the interviewer...

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