The Returning Irish Emigrant.

Posted by Red Tree on 19/05/14 in In The News

Irish Emigrant - Job Search



I wanted to share some good news stories with you. I am often telling people that recruitment companies play a significant role in changing people’s lives.One such example is the role the Irish Recruitment industry plays in securing jobs for returning emigrants who had left the country over the last few years.In the last 6 months we have noticed a large increase in inquiries from Irish workers scattered across the globe from London to New York to Australia.

In the last week, our Insurance Recruitment division has been able to help two such emigrants who were desperate to come home. Both candidates had left due to the economic situation, one to the UK and one to the US. They registered with us a few weeks back.

This week we are pleased to share that both have now secured permanent work and will be where they want to be and contributing to Irish society as full-time workers.The satisfaction we get in placing those who want to return is huge and their reaction and joy at finding a job back home is infectious.

Of course the improving economic conditions and business confidence are also significant factors but it must be noted that a lot of Irish Recruitment Companies are at the forefront in helping returning emigrants secure work in Ireland.

Our friends at Hireland are also doing a fantastic job in promoting and getting Ireland working again one job at a time.

Slowly but surely we are getting this country working again and there are now more opportunities for those that had to leave over the last few years.

Eamonn O’Reilly, Managing Director of Red Tree Recruitment.

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