Part 4 Video Tutorials| Interview Skills | Negotiating the Offer | Handing in Notice | What to do with Counter Offer

Posted by Red Tree on 06/10/17 in Advice & Tips

Interviewing Tips | Interviewing Preparation | Negotiating Salary job offer | Negotiating Job offer | Counter Offer statistics | Handing in your Notice | Handing in your Resignation

4th and final part of Mark Middleton’s Interviewing Tips tutorials . This time Mark takes you through what happens when you are successful in getting a job offer . This is where the skills of a competent professional recruiter comes into play . A specialist recruiter will have a valuable insight into what your skills are worth to the market but also what the package and benefits look like with each of their clients. 

Also in the video Mark talks about handing in your notice , how and when is best to do this and why it is so important to leave on good terms .

The final part of this session discusses what happens if you are made a counter offer ? 

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