Pre-Interview Preparation- What you need to know!

Posted by Red Tree on 27/06/18 in Advice & Tips

Pre-Interview Preparation


Firstly, Congratulations on securing your Interview!

A job interview is similar in many ways to a social conversation, but it requires more than just conversational skills. How well you do in a job interview will depend on how well you can elaborate on your accomplishments and qualifications as they relate to what the employer wants and needs.


  • Positive attitude – This is the most important attribute Employers look for. You have been called for interview so you can assume that you have met the overall criteria for the position. You now need to reinforce your suitability with a strong positive attitude. Most recruitment decisions are made in relation to attitude.
  • Relevant Qualifications (or willingness to undertake relevant and appropriate further education
  • Show Interest in the company and position
  • Stable work history (or legitimate reasons for leaving prior positions or gaps in your CV
  • Communication skills
  • High performance standards
  • Cultural fit


The key to a good interview is preparation.

  • Do some research about the company in general, (size, products, annual sales revenue, principal lines of business and locations, latest products or services, news items etc.). Every employer likes to hear that you have taken the time to find out as much information on them as possible. This will not only make you feel more comfortable during the interview, but it will also prepare you to show genuine interest in the company.
  • Know the exact place and time of the interview (if unsure of location make it YOUR business to find out), the interviewer’s full name, and their title (s). Find out how many people are involved in the interviewing process. (Normally, this information is provided by your Recruitment Consultant). LinkedIn is a great source to both research the Company and view the people whom you will be meeting with.
  • Take the appropriate telephone number with you along with directions to their office. (Just in case you get delayed unexpectedly)
  • Read and re-read your CV. It is vital you are familiar with the content. Your CV will be the basis for discussion at the interview and you could be questioned on any aspect. (Provide legitimate reasons for leaving prior positions or gaps in your CV). Always bring a copy of your CV with you.
  • Be prepared to ask questions during the interview. Your questions allow the hiring manager and HR to evaluate your professional and personal needs. Insightful questions help both of you determine if your relationship will be mutually rewarding. Generally avoid questions that relate to salary, benefits, vacations, and retirement.
  • Allow sufficient time for the interview. Plan to arrive exactly fifteen minutes before your actual appointment. There is no excuse for tardiness at an interview.
  • Create a good first impression. Your appearance should be smart, even if the company is quite informal. A first impression is a lasting one. Wear a suit to suggest a professional and formal approach and to show how serious you are re this opportunity. Keep a positive frame of mind.
  • Most importantly- try to relax and be yourself.

Eamonn O’Reilly, Managing Director of Red Tree Recruitment.